Jurongville Secondary School

Conductor: Mr Simon Foo
Assistant: Mr Lee Wen Xiang

Established since the birth of Jurongville Secondary School in 1987, Jurongville Concert Band has earned the reputation of being a proven band which has consistently achieved excellent results at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging for Bands. Brimming with affection for the instruments fused with the abidance of discipline and respect, we were awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the 2015 SYF.


The recognition that the band has received is a result of two guiding principles we stand by. The first is that everyone should have equal opportunity to learn music. Secondly, to aim for excellence in our musical journey. We believe that as long as you are willing, you can make music. Together, we strive to discover the unique strengths of each member and maximise their musical potential. The band is currently under the baton of Mr Simon Foo and Mr Lee Wen Xiang.


Concord Primary School

Conductor: Mr Joel Goh
Assistant: Mr Refat Jawad Ahmed & Mr Chia Huang Hao

Concord Primary School Brass Band under the leadership of the Principal, Mrs Tonnine Chua, Co-Curriculum Activities Subject Head, Mr Charleston and Teacher-in-charge, Mdm Weina, Mrs Tng and Ms Heng was restructured in 2014 with the introduction of their two new Band Director, Mr Eric Chong and Mr Joel Goh. With rejuvenated spirit and direction, the band performed at the SG50 Garden by the Bay event, “Youth in Action” in 2015 and subsequently went on to achieve their first Certificate of Accomplishment in 2016 at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. The band has also been invited to perform at various community activity in school and even at the nearby Heartland Mall, Lot 1.

Students from the Concord Primary School have come a long way since 2014. The band participated in the 2016 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation and clinched a Certificate of Accomplishment.