Mr. Joel Goh’s interest in the arts began at a young age of 5 when he learnt the Violin and Piano. However it was only when he went on to pursue his Secondary education at Shuqun Secondary School did his passion for music truly ignite.  Mr. Goh began his ensemble experience playing the Tenor Saxophone under the baton of Ms. Dorean Tan and Assistant Conductor, Mr. Er Wee San.

Mr. Goh’s  first saxophone lesson in Shuqun was taught by Mr. Leslie Wong who is currently the Selmer Artist for Singapore and a Saxophone Lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. In Secondary 3 when the school band first acquired their first bassoon, Mr Goh was selected to learn the new instrument. He went under the tutorship of the former SSO Bassoonist & Contra-Bassoonist, Mr. Roman Reznik who is currently playing at Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

He was subsequently enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces Band as a Musician where he also learn to compose and arrange band literature under Director of Music for Military Band “A”, Military Expert 4 Johnson Lee (Formerly Captain Johnson Lee).

Mr. Goh continues to remain active as a Musician performing in several community bands and has also guest played for numerous schools. He remains a positive influence on young minds since year 2000 conducting and teaching School Bands.

Over the entire course of his music experience from a Student, to a Musician and now a conductor, Mr Joel Goh has had the privilege of studying under many other highly esteemed Maestros and Musicians namely, Dr. Erica Neidlinger, Dr. Hardy Mertens, Associate Professor Ho Hwee Long, Mr. Phillips Davis, Mr. Yeo Poon Poh, Mr. Desmond Ng, Mr. Eric Peter Stead and Mr. Henk Smith.

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