The ITE College West Symphonic Band - West Symphonia was formed in 2016. It used to be a small brass corp of over 10 members and was later converted to a wind band in 2013. Back then, the brass corp was tasked to fulfil ceremonial duties at various events such as the opening ceremony of the school's campus, which was preceded by Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong and President, Dr Tony Tan in 2011.

In pursuit of music excellence, the band participated in its first competition and clinched a Gold award at the Second Division National Band Competition in August 2014. Two years later in July 2016, the band went on to participate in the same competition at a higher division and came in Silver. West Symphonia performing opportunities became larger and was invited to perform for various occasions such as the "Observance Ceremony at CCK" and West Coast, New Year DayCountdown party in 2016 at CCK, MDIS Graduation and Scholarship Ceremony, and even staged its first inaugural public concert to a wider audience at the Victoria Concert Hall in November 2016. 

Till Date, the band strength is about 60 with recent graduates as alumni. The Primary Aim of the band is to support all college's events and to provide a platform that encourages young musicians to deepen their quest for music excellence.